Carrieanne Guthrie
The Redneck Comedian

Carrieanne Guthrie is an all American girl from the US state of North Carolina. After it was discovered that she was a lesbian, Guthrie left her job as a deputy sheriff and bought a one way ticket to the United Kingdom where she started her comedy career. For the last seven years, Guthrie has toured the UK and US keeping folks of all types laughing till they cry. With her charming southern accent, those big ole dimples, and infectious giggle, she will have you hooked on every y'all and BAM as she takes a jab at the world, and everything in it! Not only will she have you laughing til tears and bent over clutching your stomach from laughter pains, Guthrie writes and performs her own original musical comedy. From falling in love with a bank robber to a song all about gaffer tape. Each tune will have you tapping your foot and will have you singing it days later. Whether you catch her hosting a gig, or you see her performing, no matter what, you will leave with a huge smile and a great time will be had by all, guaranteed!
Clubs / Venues Performed at- 2007-2017
Comedy Cafe
Downstairs at the Kings Head
Edinburgh Fringe
Lions Den
Laugh Out Loud
Charlie Goodnights (U.S.A)
Comedy Zone (U.S.A.)
Frog and Bucket (UK)
Comedy Store (UK)

One Woman Show-
What was supposed to be a one night, one woman show; "Evening with a Redneck" ended up selling out the first night and a second sold out show was added.

TV / Radio Work-
BBC TV show , Timing
Jongleurs Comedy Idol
BBC Radio Norfolk , Interview
Harbour Radio, Interview
BBC Radio Norfolk, working on new comedy show for 2015

Jongleurs- Comedy Idol- finalist
Braintree Comedy Club- Gong show winner
Joker of the year- finalist
Greensboro Comedy Zone Fight Night, winner
Manchester Beat the Frog, Winner

Press Quotes-
"Carrieanne "Bam" Guthrie came complete with a catchphrase. I heard many of the audience shouting ?BAM? in her face as they were leaving, which in this case serves as a compliment and not an intimidating gesture. A larger than life Texan, she informed us that she?s tried losing weight but it just kept finding her, and thus we were instantly on her side for a loud and proud set." Jongleurs Review by Darryl Baker "Carrieanne Guthrie was memorable, winning the audience over the moment she came onto the stage wielding a guitar and her unaffected style of American ?red-neck? humour. My only wish was that she one could have gone on longer." The Tab review by Molly O'Connor

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